A classic DIN A0 poster works really well in an exhibition hall. On your small screen? Less so.

We therefore have decided to allow for the upload of short videos that explain your work.

  • The video should be self-explanatory, so the participants can watch it and ask you questions afterwards. The usual sections (Why, What, How, Results, Conclusion) should be in place.
  • Use voice-over or text to giude your audience through your work.
  • Add a photo of yourself (or be in the video). It will make it easier for the viewer to connect with you, and will help you in networking later.

Further, your video should meet the following restrictions:

3 minutes max
300 MB max
1280 x 720 px minimum
All standard video formats with conventional sound encoding should be fine (e.g. mp4, wmv, H.264…)

This is a short guide for making a video from your Power Point presentation. You are not restricted to Power Point (it just happened to be the program I used and I decided to share the process with you). Plenty of resources can be found online. It is probably easier than you might think.

You are free to use a different way of creating your video, as long as it meets the above restrictions.

We are looking forward to your contribution!

As an alternative, you may create and upload a pdf-file of your (classic DIN A0) poster or your presentation.