As we want to share your video (aka poster) with the other participants of Nanosafety 2020, we need your permission to distribute your works ( Therefore, we are asking you to apply a creative commons (CC) license to your video. You might now have some reservations to do this, and some questions around the topic (we are talking about the results of your hard work, after all).

    Applying a CC license means:

  • you will still hold the copyrights to your work
  • you will still be able to publish your results afterwards
  • the licence applies only to your video, not to the underlying results
  • the video cannot be used by anyone without giving credit to you
  • the video cannot be modified by others (depending on the license you choose)
  • you will be able share and discuss your work with other participants of the conference

If, for example, you apply the most strict license to your video (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), your work has to be attributed in a way that you predefine, it cannot be used for commercial purposes, and it cannot be modified. Your license, that you simply add to your work (e.g. on the last slide of your presentation), would then look like this:

„Presentation for Nanosafety 2020“ by [Author of the video] is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Your video will only be made available for registered participants of Nanosafety 2020, and only for the period of the conference and one month afterwards. We will further terminate our account at and all videos in our storage latest by 18 December 2020.

Find detailed information about your licensing options and how to apply it to your work here:

Choose the CC license that fits your need here: