The conference will consist of five different components: speakers‘ sessions, group discussions, a poster session, workshops, and moderated coffee breaks. All sessions will be accessible through the conference platform.

Speakers‘ sessions will be held in webinar mode, i.e. only the speakers and the moderators will be visible to everyone. You can type your questions in the Q&A box at any time during the talk. After each talk the moderator will ask a few questions from the Q&A. Sessions will be recorded and made available to participants for reference. The recordings will be accessible through the conference platform until 18 December 2020 and will then be deleted permanently from our storage.

Most speakers‘ sessions will be followed by discussions in small groups. Each of the speakers will be present in a separate room. The participants can decide which discussion they want to attend. The discussions will be held as a video conference, i.e. video and microphone will be enabled for each participant. Discussions will not be recorded.

Posters can be found in their respective rooms. They can be watched and discussed in the chat at any time during the conference. The poster presenters are asked to be present to answer questions during the dedicated poster session on Tuesday afternoon.

The two workshops will be initiated by two to three short presentations by invited speakers. In order to allow for an interactive conversation, we will use the video conference tool with video and microphone enabled for each participant. Questions and comments should be announced in the chat and will be taken up by the moderator in an order that is beneficial for the discussion.

Before the morning and afternoon sessions, we will be holding moderated coffee breaks. Join us!

You can get in touch with other participants through the chat function in the conference platform. Here, you have the option to chat in discussion groups to a certain topic (e.g. a session or workshop), chat in private, or agree to meet in a video call.

    In order to create an inspiring atmosphere for every participant, please pay attention to the following guidelines for attending the conference, and in particular the video sessions:

  • Do not pass your access information for the video sessions to others. Anyone can register for the conference and participate through our conference platform. Even last minute registrations are possible by contacting us at
  • Use your real name for the video sessions and in the chat. This is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Let other participants finish speaking before you start talking.
  • Phrase your questions short and precise.
  • Use the Q&A for your questions and comments. Due to time constrictions, it may be that not all questions can be answered. There will be time for more in-depth discussions and comments in the group discussions following the main sessions. In addition, you have the option of contacting the speakers or other participants through the conference platform.