A classic DIN A0 poster works really well in an exhibition hall. On your small screen? Less so.

We have therefore decided to allow for the upload of short video presentations (think of a PowerPoint presentation), to give you the opportunity to better present your research.

  • The presentation/ video should be self-explanatory, so the participants can watch it and ask you questions afterwards. The usual sections (Why, What, How, Results, Conclusion) should be in place.
  • Use voice-over and written text to guide your audience through your work.
  • Add a photo or – even better – a video of yourself. It will make it easier for the viewer to connect with you, and will help you in networking later. An easy solution for this is to record a video conference with yourself with the presentation on shared screen.

Watch the two examples below to get an idea what a video made with Power Point 10 could look like:

Why submitting a video?
Creating a video from Power Point 10
Link to short guide (pdf)

Your video should meet the following criteria:

3 minutes max
300 MB max
1280 x 720 px minimum
All standard video formats with conventional sound and video encoding should be fine (e.g. mp4, wmv, H.264…)
You must apply a creative commons (CC) license to your video before submitting it. Why is this and how can I do this?
You are free to use a different way of creating your video, as long as it meets the above restrictions. We will also accept a pdf-file of your A0 poster as long as the resolution is sufficient for reading it on a small screen.

Deadline for Poster submission: 28 September 2020

Poster submission