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Poster submission

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Keynote lectures: 45 min + 10 min discussion
Invited talks: 35 min + 10 min discussion
Contributed talks: 15 min + 5 min discussion (Please note that we will have only very few slots for contributed talks.)

Poster: 3 min recorded presentation + discussion in dedicated chat room


Most accepted abstracts will be presented as a poster. As a classical A0 poster will not work as well in a virtual conference, we will give you the opportunity to present your poster as a recorded presentation of 3 min max. You will send us your video, we will upload it and make it available for discussion before, during, and after the conference. Among the posters, a few will be selected for live-presentation and discussion during the poster session (5 min + 5 min discussion). More information on the technical aspects in the poster guide above.

The Royal Society of Chemistry will sponsor the poster price; An e-subscription for Environmental Science: Nano for one year, and 100 €.